8917 Калмах


Артикул: 8917
53 деталей
РРЦ: 449 руб
MSRP: $9.99

Подсерия: Barraki
Bionicle, 2007


Полководец Барраки красного цвета. Имеет 2 резиновых щупальца и метатель кальмаров. 

Описание от Лего:

Caught in the grip of Kalmah!

Cunning and brutal, Kalmah strikes fear into the hearts of the fiercest sea beasts. His tentacle can crush his foes, or he can use his sea squid launcher to drain their life force. The tentacles on the back of his head help him to sense surprise attacks before they happen. Commanding an army of giant squid, Kalmah may be impossible to stop!

  • Includes squid launcher with 2 squid.
  • Each Barraki features a unique body, face and weapons - collect them all!


Kalmah Instruction

Список деталей

4x 4121715

5x 4119328

1x 4278585

2x 4289538

4x 4252528

5x 4206482

2x 6270106

1x 6270106

2x 4497954

3x 4497952

1x 0

5x 4211815

1x 4503381

2x 4497129

1x 4497131

1x 0

4x 4540568

1x 4541487

1x 4500081

2x 4540567

6x 4499704


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