8624 Гонка за Маской Жизни

Race for the Mask of Life

Артикул: 8624
507 деталей
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MSRP: $59.99

Подсерия: Playsets
Bionicle, 2006


Пирака и Иника сражаются посреди лавовой реки за Маску Жизни.

Описание от Лего:

The race is on!

As they fight their way toward the Mask of Life, the Piraka and Toa Inika come to a great lava river. Now they must race down the treacherous molten river, each side trying to be first to reach the powerful mask. A mysterious tower is only the first of many obstacles that block their way!

  • Includes two lava craft, tower, and zamor sphere launchers!
  • Includes 8 all-new and mini Toa Inika and mini Piraka figures with moving parts!
  • Includes 6 zamor spheres!


Race for the Mask of Life Instruction


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