8537 Нуи-Рамы


Артикул: 8537
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Подсерия: Rahi
Bionicle, 2001


Стрекозоподобные Нуи-Рамы - самые опасные и многочисленные Рахи, порабощенные Макутой. 

Описание от Лего:

The Nui-Rama resemble large, flying insects. They can be found throughout Mata Nui, though it is believed they make their nests in Lewa's jungles. Nui-Rama spend most of their time in the air, spying on the Toa for Makuta or stalking their prey. Like all Rahi, the Nui-Rama are controlled by the infected masks they wear. If the masks are removed, they will cease fighting and can sometimes even be tamed. Because they have the ability to fly at great speeds, the Le-Koronan sometimes ride them in addition to the Gukko.


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