8518 Лучистый

Jet Ray

Артикул: 8518
16 деталей
РРЦ: 799 руб
MSRP: $14.99

Подсерия: Ben10
Ben10 Alien Force, 2010


Красный летающий пришелец

Описание от Лего:

The super-fast Jet Ray is swooping in to save the day!
It's hero time! When danger threatens the planet in the water or the air, Ben transforms into the super-sonic Jet Ray. This alien hero has the ability to fly and swim faster than the speed of sound, and can stun his enemies with powerful neuroshock stings! Features glow-in-the-dark eyes and Omnitrix chest symbol. Collect all 6 LEGO Ben 10 Alien Force sets and combine them to create your own super alien heroes! Collect all 6 LEGO Ben 10 Alien Force minifigures! Measures 9" (23cm) tall!


Jet Ray Instruction


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