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Bionicle Power Pack

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Bionicle, 2001


Уникальный промо-набор, содержащий детали для тохунги Хафу, хромированную маску Хау, а также диск с музыкой, специально написанной для Bionicle и интерактивным меню, рассказывающим о жителях деревни По-Коро.

Описание от Лего:

These songs, inspired by the BIONICLE universe, can be enjoyed on their own or as the background for a Toa adventure.

In the "PowerPack", you will find: One 3-track music CD single with cool music composed by Universal Music especially for use with BIONICLE; One silver-colored plastic mask (Kanohi Rua) for the Toa; One Villager named Hafu; and One map of the Island of Mata Nui that you can put up on your wall


Bionicle Power Pack Instruction

Список деталей

Black Bionicle Disk Mask Hau Print

1x 0

Black Bionicle Mask Ruru (Turaga)

1x 0

Black Technic Connector 3 x 4 1/2 x 2 1/3 with Pin

2x 0

Dark Gray Bionicle Head Connector Block (Tohunga)

1x 0

Tan Bionicle Tohunga Torso

1x 0

Tan Bionicle Tohunga Claw Arm

1x 0

Tan Bionicle Tohunga Disk Thrower Arm

1x 0

Chrome Silver Bionicle Mask Hau

1x 0

[No Color/Any Color] BIONICLE Music and PC CD-Rom

1x 0



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